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Integrity is Integral at Queer Sporting Alliance

Queer Sporting Alliance complaint handling process is informed by national organisation Play by the Rules (PBTR). PBTR was first developed by the South Australian Department for Sport and Recreation in 2001 as an interactive education and information website ( on discrimination, harassment and child protection in sport. 

If you have an issue, complaint or integrity matter that relates to Queer Sporting Alliance you are encouraged to contact us by completing the contact form at the end of this page. Please use the subject "ATT: Integrity Officer" and provide details of the issue you would like addressed.

Our club's current Integrity Officer is Beth West. 

Your complaint or integrity issue will be handled confidentially by the Integrity Officer in consultation with the leadership group of the club (Executive Committee).  If your complaint relates to one of the club's leadership group, please identify them in the subject line to avoid a conflict of interest.

If you believe you or someone you know is in immediate and serious/life threatening danger please call 000. 

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