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Culture & Values Quiz


We are a little different from other sporting teams you may have joined. Sometimes that can take a bit of getting used to (especially if you have played in other competitive team sports) and that’s ok! The below six scenarios are fictional. The quiz is designed to help you practically apply our Code of Conduct and help you understand our club culture & values.


Some of you might be totally new to basketball. At our club we are more interested in you understanding the positive club culture rather than knowing all of the technical game rules off by heart. While winning games is a great feeling…that is not our main aim at Queer Sporting Alliance (QSA).


Our teams always play in the lowest division and we don’t care about the game results (as long as the result is fun).


Check out these scenarios and find out what being a QSA team member is all about!


What did you score out of six?



We are playing a game against a team who is obviously new to basketball. They make a lot of mistakes and tend to lose the ball easily when they are bringing the ball down on offense.


After only 10 minutes into the game we have a massive lead and are up 30-0.


The other team is looking pretty dejected and calls their second time out.


One of your players, Karen, is pumped about stealing the ball so easily and now wants to use this as an opportunity to improve her fitness. During the break she suggests we move to a full court style of defence (where every player defends another player very closely). She is stoked she can get some extra running in and also improve her statistics for the night.


What would QSA suggest?


  1. Let’s make sure we aim for a 50-point win and keep them to 0! We should all pick up a player and target their weakest ball handler to make sure they can never bring the ball down the court.

  2. We should relax a little on defence and give them a chance to bring it down. They seem pretty bummed out. If the score creeps to within 10 points we can think about changing our tactic then.

  3. Pretend to lose the ball so they have a chance to get the ball more often.


(Answer: (2) winning is fun but not when you annihilate the other team.  Look for ways to keep the game enjoyable for everyone on the court. That might include lending the opposition a QSA layer if they don’t have enough to form a full team. Demonstrate fair play every game.)



One of the refs seems to be making lots of mistakes in the way they are making decisions. It is starting to get really annoying. One of your players, Alex, is getting quite angry throughout the game and starts to argue with the ref about every call.


What would QSA do?


  1. Take a timeout. Check in with Alex and see if they are ok. Suggest they sub off for a few minutes. Remind the team that we ignore ref calls  (good/bad/indifferent) – remembering no ref in the history of basketball has changed a ref call because you complained in the heat of the moment. At the end of the game have a chat in the car park to assess if formal feedback about the referees actions is warranted. If you feel like play was unsafe based on the referee’s decisions you send an email to so someone can follow up on your behalf.

  2. Wait for the next bad call and throw the ball into the air in anger – just so the ref knows how frustrated you are. Wait in the car park after the game in order to make a complaint to the head referee directly.

  3. Ask the ref to stop play and explain the reason for each call. Explain to them calmly why you think they are wrong and suggest they should reconsider how they are making calls.


(Answer: (1) At QSA we treat refs like our favourite barista (would you scream at them if they gave you a latte instead of a flat white?) Refs will make mistakes. QSA players do not yell or behave aggressively towards refs. Micro aggressions such as eye rolling, throwing the ball away deliberately or scoffing is not ok. It is ok to report unsafe calls or repeated unfair calls but this occurs formally via the club).



Terry and Sally are our team’s best players. Without them we probably wouldn’t score ANY points. We have two substitute players on the bench but if Terry and Sally sub out we might not win the game.


What would QSA suggest?


  1. Keep Terry and Sally on! We need to win!

  2. Make sure we rotate through the bench fairly (unless someone absolutely wants to spend a bit longer on the bench because they are puffed). Winning is super fun but we are more keen on having a laugh and a bit of a run about. We can’t do that if some of us end up on the bench most of the game.

  3. Tell the subs that they should probably score this week and they can have more game time when we play an easier team next week.


(Answer: (2) everyone gets fair game time at QSA. No one needs to earn their minutes. Good, less experienced and improving players all have the same amount of fun).



We are up against a very physically rough team. Your teammate Tex is getting knocked in the ribs on most plays and they are now feeling nervous.


What would QSA player do?


  1. Ask Suzie (our tallest player) to defend the player pushing Tex. She should be able to scare the opposition and hopefully stop her from making Tex feel nervous.

  2. Call a time out. Check in with Tex and see if they are ok. Have a quick chat to the ref during the break about what you are observing occurring to Tex. Suggest to Tex that they can take a break if they need. Ask the ref to address the inappropriate contact with the opposition during the break.

  3. As a team you agree that you will get more physical. Try and intimidate the other team and show Tex you have their back.


Answer: (2) The only time a QSA captain directly approaches a ref is in the event you feel unsafe play is occurring (or in the event a player has been subject to harassment or discrimination). If the unsafe play continues and you are no longer enjoying the game – stop. While this has not occurred in the history of QSA, you do not need to continue a game where you feel unsafe play is occurring. If this occurs please report it to

CW: Sexual harassment



Your QSA team is running a social catch up at the local bowling alley tomorrow night. You receive a FB message from a new player in your team. The message says they dreamt about you last night, they think you are really attractive and they hope that you are single.  The tone of the messages makes you feel really uncomfortable.  You reply that you are not interested in dating at the moment but are looking forward to playing. The next night you arrive early to the bowling alley and your new teammate is already there. They immediately put their arm around your waist, touch your hair and ask why you don’t want to date them. You remind them that you had already told them you weren’t interested in dating but they just laugh at you. They yell out to the bowling manager that you will definitely go on a date with them next week.  You laugh nervously and push them away. You are pretty embarrassed and decide to leave early.


What would a QSA team member do?

  1. You should just relax and feel flattered that they are interested in you. There is no harm in them tracking you down online and asking you out a few times.

  2. Maybe you should just ignore them and hope they will get the message. You are quite nervous about seeing them now but don’t want drama.

  3. You have read the QSA Code of Conduct, you know what has occurred is not ok and is not your fault. You don’t feel comfortable talking to the new player directly and decide to talk privately to the team captain about what has happened so they can follow up on your behalf. With your consent the team captain reports the incident to


Answer: (c) Unsolicited and/or unwanted advances (physical, verbal or online) constitutes harassment. While dating between players occurs and is welcomed – this is not the primary purpose of the club. QSA actively establishes and protects safe spaces. As a QSA member you are now helping build safe spaces for your community.



The US election is approaching in November. Dave migrated from the US last year and his family are proud Republicans. Dave often talks about politics at QSA social events. While his political views don’t align with most players, he is always respectful and reasonable during these chats. The week before the election Dave posts several political and religious videos and memes to his social media timeline.  One of which is Trump mocking a disabled reporter and the other is a meme quoting a passage of the Bible that denounces homosexuality.


Has Dave breached the QSA Code of Conduct? Yes / No. 


Answer: Yes. The club will not inhibit freedom of expression or respectfully shared opinions. However, if a player makes an online statement or post that is generally considered to be homophobic/transphobic/sexist/racist/ableist or seeks to harass, vilify and/or discriminate for any reason; the safe spaces we strive to build are threatened.  Dave has breached the Code of Conduct.

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