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Queer Sporting Alliance (QSA), Australia and New Zealand’s premier LGBTIQA+ community sports club, is proud to announce the launch of its newest project, Q League, an Australian first community basketball and netball league led by and built for queer folk.


Our Mission

Q League Basketball is held weekly on Wednesday nights at Narrandjeri Stadium in Thornbury, VIC and on Sunday afternoons at Warrane Sports Stadium, Warrane, TAS.

Netball is now a part of our Q League program and is held weekly on a Thursday night, at Narrandjeri Stadium.


Q League embraces the true spirit of sport by celebrating the "all" in the sport’s title, prioritising fun over winning and welcoming people of all gender identities and abilities who often feel left out of traditional team sporting environments. Allies are also welcome to participate, as an integral part of the QSA community,

What's Different

All games following the club’s ‘rainbow rules’.
The key variation from traditional basketball rules is the introduction of ‘rainbow cards’, awarded to players who score more than 10 points in a row, restricting them from the key until the end of the half. Unlike traditional community sports clubs and competitions, QSA has also implemented a ‘no try outs’ policy to provide everyone, no matter their sporting experience or basketball knowledge, the opportunity to join a team. To celebrate the achievements of all players, the last Wednesday of each month is dubbed ‘Rainbow Round’, complete with music by QSA DJs and cheering competitions.

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